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Marketintelimage article

Market Intel: Separating the Tweet From the Chaff - The Financialist

While the use of social media to inform trading decisions has caught fire in recent years, investors scouring new social platforms are still sifting through more useless information than anything even remotely resembling a market-moving message.

Financialnyresolutionemergencysavingimage article

Your Financial New Year's Resolution: Establish Your Emergency ...

In the event of a job loss or some other major financial disruption, could you rely on your emergency savings to help you make ends meet until you get back on your feet?

Cmeflor article

The Egg Came First: How Grace Hyslop Cracked An Old Boys Club

Pioneering women in the world of American finance are most often known for their work on Wall Street. But Grace E. Hyslop, the wife of an egg dealer, made her ceiling-shattering move not in New York, but in Chicago, when she became the first female member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Millennialmoveout article

Six Tips for Millennials Who Want to Move Out

For young people walloped by the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009, living with Mom and Dad was one way to adapt to hard times. In more recent years, the economy has improved, including a significant drop in the unemployment rate…but that hasn’t been enough to push many 20-somethings out of the nest.
So how does a young person today scrape together the cash to afford to move out?

Paper crisis article

Remembering the 1960s Paperwork Crisis

In the late 1960s, an unusual crisis struck Wall Street. The foe? Paper.

Shutterstock 36797593 1440x670 article

How Employees at Private Tech Companies Try to Cash In

Buying a stake in a new, promising tech firm usually means waiting until the company begins trading publicly after its initial public offering. But a few broker-dealers and registered investment advisors are offering their clients a new and potentially risky way to invest in hot, venture capital-backed companies long before their IPO.

Shutterstock 222195631 1440x670 article

Six Financial Performance Metrics Every Investor Should Know

How do you evaluate a public company’s financial performance? The answer can be more complicated than simply subtracting expenses from revenue.

Tumblr inline npfx5qp7fo1tuvv8s 500 article

An Army Staff Sergeant Turned Businessman - Education Reporter

Kyle Evans planned on a long career in the military, until a few sticks of dynamite put an end to that dream.

053115 b incharge kc50 article
Bergen Record (North Jersey Media Group)

In Charge: Julie B. Kampf, CEO, JBK Associates International

Before pursuing a career in executive recruiting, Kampf spent more than a decade and a half in the fashion industry. She recently took time to explain why she switched careers, what drove her to start her own firm and the surprising mistakes she made along the way.

Tumblr inline nonxbkb9fg1tuvv8s 500 article

Who's Going Back to School? - Education Reporter

Tara Berberich readily admits that she doesn’t handle technology as well as many of her college classmates. She gratefully accepts their help for assignments that, say, involve a PowerPoint presentation. But Berberich brings her own strengths to the table, too.
“With age comes wisdom, so I know a lot of things they didn’t know from way back,” she said.

Poolpermissionslipbabble 624x832 article

Mom Fights School Policy That Says Girls “Must” Wear T-Shirts at Pool

An Indiana mom is proclaiming victory after flagging something in her son’s school permission slip she felt could ultimately prove harmful to elementary school girls — a dress code requirement for a sixth-grade pool party.

Cathy engelbert article
Bergen Record (North Jersey Media Group)

In Charge: Cathy Engelbert, new CEO of Deloitte - Business ...

Cathy Engelbert made history this month by becoming the first woman CEO of one the nation's largest consulting and accounting firms.

Bethgerdes article

Mom Athlete Asked If She Ever Considered an Abortion — and Fans ...

Mom Athlete Asked If She Ever Considered an Abortio...

Williamandkate21 article

Dear Will and Kate, Please Don't Name the Royal Baby "Alice"

Please, take pity on this commoner from the colonies and choose a different name for your little princess.

041915 b inchargeshapiro kc35p article
Bergen Record (North Jersey Media Group)

In Charge: Jay Shapiro, CEO, AppMakr

Shapiro recently shared his thoughts on the virtues of working virtually and explained his surprising ascent in the business world, including how a survival job with "The Phantom of the Opera" changed his life.